Trina Scott, Certified Life and Health Coach

In my journey through life, my vision for my future has changed several times.  For years, I was searching for my purpose. Who am I?  What is the reason for which I exist?  

Life hasn’t always been easy.  As life goes, I’ve had my ups and downs.  However, it was in the midst of one of the lowest times in my life that I found I was passionate about helping others.  After the loss of my husband, I began giving to others what I felt I was missing.  As a board member of a nonprofit organization, I dedicated 15 years of my life to assisting others in rebuilding their lives.  I never wanted anyone to feel alone during their grief, their pain and/or their healing.

As I continued my life’s journey, I battled with depression, anxiety, fear, and weight gain from stress eating.  Never feeling good enough. Then I began to ask myself why was I allowing those feelings to take over my life.  What was I telling myself about my experiences or about myself?  To assist me in finding the answer to my questions, I reached out to a life coach, which was one of most powerful things I had done in my life thus far.  This was when I decided to no longer allow myself to be defined by those words or feelings.

So, what now? I am following my new vision to my new journey of life coaching.  As your life coach, I want to support you in making/taking the next step towards your greatness; I want to celebrate who you are and who you are becoming; and I want to empower you in knowing your why underneath the why and your what now.



Transformational Life Coach, 2011 and 2019, Certification


Transformational Health Coach, 2019, Certification

Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support, 2014, Certification

 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Training

Traumas of Law Enforcement Training, Presenter

  Including individual/survivors' traumatic stress

Federal Bureau of Investigation Basic Instructor Development, 2007, Certification

What People Say

Dawn Burgess, Teacher/Photographer

I recently had the privilege of photographing Trina. When I get behind the camera, I am always searching for the best light, but when I photographed Trina, it was as if the light was seeking her. There she stood in a radiant light-both within and without-and as corny as this sounds, I felt something move me. At that time, I was struggling with some personal issues. Trina had no way of knowing that, but her aura filled me with an indescribable spirit that brought me to tears. I couldn't find the words to explain myself, but I didn't have to. Trina just hugged me and existed with me there in the light and in that moment, I felt a beautiful peace. It was such a transcendental experience. I saw it for myself: Trina has the gift of light.