What People Say

Faenita Dilworth | CEO of FD Tours

Trina is really amazing and such an awesome Coach. She has a genuine approach and a kind heart. Her coaching has impacted me personally and professionally and I have benefited tremendously from our sessions. What started as health coaching, quickly became whole life coaching touching many areas of my life. During our sessions, Trina offers exercises to use so I could measure my progress and be accountable to myself, #anchor. If you are considering life coaching, try it with Trina.

Belinda Trice | Retired

In 2018, I fell from a ladder and injured my back. I was forced to take a medical leave from my job because my injury left me in such excruciating pain. As the months passed I became stressed physically and emotionally, using food as my source of comfort, which took me to a dark and lonely place. I knew then, I needed help.    


I sought professionals but couldn't find the right fit for me then, that's when I went to Trina.  I wasn't familiar with life coaching or health coaching.  So, after reading up on the technique, I decided to give it a try.  I am so grateful that I reached out to her because now I'm at a point in my life where I can smile again. Trina, with her warm spirit and soft words, showed me how to love me again, how important I am, to me. I am now exercising, which has helped my back tremendously. I am eating healthier as well.  After doing the 14-Day Cleanse I lost 7 lbs.  Isn't that amazing?  I would like to say to anyone who is going through any of life's pitfalls, I can assure you, trying life/health coaching with Trina is the way to go!!